I do not have any experience as an access consultant but am keen to follow this as a career? What are my options?

You may already have suitable qualifications, such as in the fields of Occupational Therapy, Building Surveying, Drafting, Architecture, or Social Science, etc. as a solid foundation for pursuing professional career path as an access consultant.
If this is the case you may be eligible to apply for the base entry level as an associate class of member before upgrading after three years having participated in the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program and successfully passing the Accreditation Assessment Test.

There are currently no formal accredited training courses to become an access consultant. The Association is in the process of initiating the development of courses that are intended to be offered at Certificate IV TAFE level with various study modules that can be tailored to suit your interests but are structured around ninety five identified competencies for an access consultant. At this time we cannot advise on when these courses will be available.

Some of our accredited members offer a mentoring program to help progress associates or even affiliate members to attain accredited membership.